My online art gallery is a collection of my favorite works of art that I’ve painted in my travels far and wide. Click one to see the art in a larger size. My technique is pretty special. I can paint any of these paintings you see in record breaking speed.

I have three basic types of art for sale. Performance Paintings from live shows. Studio Series and studies. More worked out but still done in a paintjam style, and my Master Series. These are where I slow way down and paint more traditionally. A painting could take days to a month, Enjoy.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have an idea for a commissioned Dan Dunn art piece you would like to discuss.


The Gallery

ray.jpgJohn Lennonliberty.jpgeagle.JPGAstro Salute studyIMG_0671.JPGMarlboro 5 ftIMG_0662.JPG13519bc0b4509c9.jpgfrank.jpglouis.jpgBonoDan Dunn's ArtBike web520519bc0b78c4b4.jpg33.jpg541.jpg543.jpgAMCposters.jpgBack CameraCar Show liveBuddy-Holly.jpgdan.jpgDwight HowardEagle LibertyFenway livefuzzy.jpgHarry BlackstoneIMG_0529.JPGIMG_0621.JPGLiberty HarborIMG_0642.JPGIMG_0660.JPGIMG_0663.JPGIMG_6486.JPGJimi-Hendrix.jpgInfinity.jpgjoker.jpgmake a wish livemich.jpgMarley studio rehearsalMountie livered.jpgsanta.jpgslash.jpgPhilly FanaticSpace Shuttletim.jpgAli San DiegoAndy WarholArnold liveAzerbaijanbaseball studyBatman liveBelushiBlackberry compBoca ChampagneBoy Scout compBrandCaddy FinsChurchillClint ECommodoreCottonbowl paint study1Dan Marino Studio studyDarthDive in liveEgriftaEinsteinelon helmet liveEMC HeroFlorida CEOGarth LiveGod made a FarmerGold's Gymhayabusa canvasHike!Hockey GoalieHulk LiveHulkIndy LiveJ.JJackie RobinsonJames BondJames BrownJerryJFKJohn LennonJohnny CashKentucky DerbyKid RockLeno liveMandelaManzelMarilynMartiniMercedes AlabamaMichael paperMick BlueMickelsonMissisauga CigarMLK @ MSGMona bigMrs SmutsPaul ReverePiratePlayers liveRoentegenSam Houstonshelby DiamondSt LouisSupport Our Troops!SurgeonTexans FootballTexans helmet liveTexas StudyThe BeatlesThe ThinkerTiger Live DisneyWalter WhiteWayne GretskyWeeping WarriorWickedYuri GagarinZach RandolphTiger Woods2


Studio Series

A&MBeatles webBen HoganBig Dog smallBillfishColts HelmetJeff Healy webKeith webLennonMarlboro ManPolar BearsandStudio SeriesTigernikonTimes Web


Master Series

Master Series (1)Master Series (2)Master Series (3)Master Series (4)Master Series (5)